11 Questions to Help Agents Win Listings

Acing a listing presentation requires deliberate planning and execution. Have your agents try this exercise to hone their skills.

October 13, 2015

Here’s an idea for future sales meetings: Ask your team to take out their tablets or a pen and paper and thoughtfully record their answers to the following questions. Cover two or three questions in consecutive meetings to help agents carefully analyze their listing presentation approach, and provide time for a healthy group discussion.

1. What do you typically include in your listing presentations to home sellers? Write out a detailed outline.

2. How does your listing presentation highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the seller’s home? (For example: It’s located in a good school district but has unusually high HOA fees.)

3. How does your listing presentation highlight the opportunities and threats in today’s market? (Such as when a Fortune 500 company relocates within miles of a home, making the neighborhood more popular but also pushing up property taxes.)

4. Why do your sellers typically need to sell? How can you speak to and meet those needs in your presentation?

Tip: Although your agents should find out why each individual seller is selling (as this determines price flexibility, dates, and so on), they should also have an understanding of the general reasons why their particular sellers sell. With this information, they can develop pricing and marketing strategies that provide solutions for their sellers. By knowing this in advance, agents will increase their preparedness and the likelihood of winning their next listing.

5. What surprises sellers the most once they have listed their homes for sale? (Think about what you hear from other agents as well.)

6. How can you prepare sellers for these surprises during your listing presentation?

7. What objections do sellers typically have when listing their home for sale (such as commission rates, pricing, or other factors)?

Tip: Create a boilerplate template that agents can use to help answer and overcome such objections.

8. What references can you include in your listing presentation?

Tip: Agents could include video testimonials from other satisfied sellers, but at the minimum, they should include written client testimonials with names and contact numbers.

9How do you promote or advertise your listings (including brokerage resources)? 

Tip: For an additional exercise, have agents create a visual map or collage of these marketing channels and syndication points, which they can add to their presentation.

10. In what format is your typical listing presentation (handouts, on-screen presentations, PDF, or other formats)?

11. How does your presentation format suit your ideal client? (Think about whom you desire to work with, not just whom you normally work with.)

Tip: Help your agents get inside the head of their ideal client and determine what type of presentation would make them say, “Wow!”

These questions should help your agents be more intentional about their listing presentations by incorporating tips from group discussion and feedback. These questions were excerpted from my Plan to Win guide, which offers more thought-provoking exercises to get your brain wheels turning and your real estate sales thriving.

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