Make Your Online Brand Memorable

Learn how major companies in other industries are launching successful multichannel marketing campaigns that celebrate the likes, interests, and lives of their customers.

October 23, 2015

Car enthusiasts are probably familiar with drifting, which is when a driver steers sharply, causing the tires to slide into the angle of a tight turn while rounding a curve. It’s actually considered a motorsport; there are competitions around the world, and fans of daredevil showmanship watch hours of drifting videos on YouTube.

BMW worked with Google to do a little research on the drifting phenomenon. They found more than 417,000 videos on YouTube with the term “car drift” in the title.

So in an effort to capture that online interest and direct it at their product, BMW created a two-minute video of choreographed car drifting stunts featuring five of their cherry red M235i models. Filmed in Germany one year ago with five stunt drivers, the video doesn’t discuss the vehicle’s features. In fact, the model of the car isn’t even mentioned. But the video still received 2 million views in just two weeks. Today, the video has more than 14.7 million views and nearly 1,700 comments on YouTube.

Viewer engagement with BMW’s video was through the roof, says Aprajita Jain, a brand marketing evangelist for Google. Jain presented BMW’s brand campaign during the Google Ignite Real Estate Workshop in Mountain View, Calif., on Sept. 15. She also covered other companies’ noteworthy multiplatform marketing efforts. The common thread of these marketing campaigns is the use of Web analytics to hone advertisements based on searches, clicks, views, time on page, time on video, shares, engagement, and more.

In another example, Proctor & Gamble made a video series celebrating the mothers of Olympic athletes and using the hashtag #thankyoumom for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. P&G built an online community around the campaign, including Twitter and Facebook pages. It did so well that P&G followed up with another series for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, this time with the hashtag #becauseofmom. The initial two-minute video from 2014 features emotional clips of mothers helping their children on their journey to becoming athletes — from their first steps to learning a sport and the bumps, bruises, and injuries along the way. Based on analytics the video received on YouTube, P&G shortened the video down to a 30-second ad that ran on TV during the Olympics.

“It’s all about the moms and their children athletes. It evokes a feeling,” Jain says. “In real estate, you’re selling a place for people to raise their families. Think about how you can capture that experience of buyers and sellers.”

In March 2014, Honey Maid launched its #thisiswholesome campaign, which includes a 30-second TV ad celebrating diverse families, including LGBT couples, multiracial families, and single parents. The ad on YouTube has received more than 8 million views. When the company received some backlash over the ad, they followed up with another video titled “Love,” calling attention to the fact that positive feedback greatly outnumbered the negative comments they received. The company’s response to the consumer feedback furthered the #thisiswholesome campaign with another 4 million–plus views. In the end, Jain says, Honey Maid saw a 7 percent increase in cracker sales.

Jain offered a challenge for brokers: In the next 90 days, take an idea — whether it’s celebrating your community, your clients, or a charity you partner with — and put it online. Take a lesson from P&G and Honey Maid and launch evolving iterations of the ad based on feedback and analytics while continuing to hone your campaign on multiple platforms.

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