Defining Values Protects Your Brand

Learn to take responsibility for your brokerage’s culture and values to break the “cycle of resistance” in the first of a two-part series on brand development.

November 6, 2015

Have you ever received customer complaints about an agent? They might say, “The agent just doesn’t listen” or “the agent isn’t performing to your company standards.”

Well, if you are blaming the agent rather than yourself, then the “cycle of resistance” has started. And resistance toward change leads to disengagement, turnover, underdevelopment, miscommunication, and unmet goals.

Resistance is the most costly expense in your business, which usually isn’t revealed until your brand is in danger. As a leader, you must buck resistance and take responsibility for your company’s success.

In order to protect your brand, you must give proper direction. This starts with defining your brand and making your initiative very clear to independent agents.

Research shows that values guide people’s actions. Agents can become brand advocates when you define your company values, build strong systems, and set the right goals.

How does defining your values protect your brand?

First, clearly define your values: Do you value honesty, integrity, or going the extra mile? Does your company value education, customer service, or community? Then, communicate that message to agents. Eat, sleep, and breathe your brand values in the office, in the field with clients, at sales meetings, and in all internal communications and external marketing.

Your next job will be to gauge whether your agents and staff believe in your brand. Brokers need to ensure that all office managers and team leaders are coaching agents to understand these values.

If you’re not present at sales meetings, make an effort to sit in. Provide examples of how these values are being displayed within your organization. Hold company meetings or gatherings to share how you’re furthering your brand values, such as highlighting education opportunities, recognizing agents for stellar customer service, or involving your agents in your charitable effort. If you haven’t already, start a private Facebook group where you can connect with agents and share news and ideas more frequently. Ensure that agents are engaging in your company brand, and set aside funding, tools, and resources to further your brand values in your business plan.

In the second part of this two-part series on protecting your brand, you’ll learn how to build strong company systems.  


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