16 Ways to Win Leads in 2016: Blogs

Blogging isn’t dead. In part two of a three-part series on online lead generation, you’ll find ideas for maximizing and staying current with your company and agent blogs.

December 29, 2015

I heard someone recently say that blogging is no longer a viable way to generate leads. Au contraire mon frère.

Blogging is an opportunity to share your expertise with potential clients and talk about the various aspects of real estate that you specialize in and love.  

However, I see real estate practitioners all too often post a handful of random, irrelevant, boring, and poorly written posts. Then they never return to their blog again. And they wonder why their blog didn’t generate any leads.  

Blogging is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. If you want your company or agent blogs to generate leads, I challenge you to publish a dynamic post at least once a week for six months. Then see how many connections you’ve made with prospects.

In part two of this three-part series on generating online leads, I offer five examples of blog fodder (tips 7 through 11 in our overall list).

7. Be an amazing storyteller. What story does your real estate business tell? Get away from using sterile scripts and regurgitating listing information. Let your professional opinion and personality shine through in each post.

Write your blog posts as though you’re sharing a story with your family or friends. What has them sitting on edge, rolling on the floor laughing, or in tears? Those are the magnetic, heart-warming moments to capture and retell in your blog.  

Write about what makes the residents smile. Specifically answer this question: "What makes this community a great place to call home?" Go out and interview residents; ask them what they love. Then write a post for each of the neighborhoods you sell. Be sure to mention the name of the community throughout the blog post, which will help boost your site in search rankings.  

Prospects may also get glimpses of your brand’s story from online client testimonies — especially in videos.

8. Use pictures, videos, and links to keep readers reading. The fun part of being a real estate pro is that you see some of the most intriguing, charming, odd, and cutting-edge home features. Share them on your blog. You could also add an IDX plugin that features specific homes from your local MLS. Just make sure you have the necessary permissions to share images and videos, especially if you include other people’s photographs.

9. Be a friend to local businesses. Mention restaurants, shops, schools, community organizations, hospitals, volunteer organizations, and other local businesses and attractions in your posts. Consider sending the organization you mention a note with a link to your post. Some may link back to your site from their page, which can bring your site more traffic and strengthen your SEO. Your goal is to rank on the first page of Google search results when prospects search using local real estate terms and names of local businesses you have showcased.  

10. Give it away to capture leads. Offer valuable information to your target clientele and have a way to capture their contact information on your blog.

For example, if your specialty is working with veterans, you can offer a download of the various grants and programs available for veterans buying a home. Or if you work near a medical center, why not offer a downloadable infographic that explains the various loans and programs available to medical professionals buying a home?

Then, it’s imperative that your site has several ways for capturing e-mail addresses. Check out AddThis.com, HelloBarOptInMonster, and other similar plugins that can help you collect contact information in exchange for those freebies on your site.

11. Repurpose instead of reinvent. Check out apps like Revive Old Post, SumAll, and CoSchedule to automatically share your blog posts to your various social media sites. One blog could equal 10 to 20 different social media posts throughout the year by using it in different contexts. This will save you and your agents time and energy that can be redirected to the actual selling of real estate.

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Lee Davenport

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