16 Ways to Win Leads in 2016: e-Newsletters

In part three of a three-part series on online lead generation, learn five ways to entice your contacts into reading your monthly e-newsletters.

December 29, 2015

E-mail marketing is an easy way to connect with past clients, share news and market insights, and generate referral leads and repeat business.

But also, effective e-newsletters bring your online content full circle by providing a platform to present blog posts with a renewed creativity and context. Rounding out my 16 tips in this three-part series on online lead generation, here are five ways to create an e-newsletter that people in your sphere will open and read.

12. Craft a subject line that’s creative but not “salesy.” Calls to action are a great way to get your readers to open your e-mail. If you’re giving something away, whether it’s information or a physical product, include that information in the subject line of your newsletter. Learn more about creating calls to action in part one of this series.

13. Be a community resource. Compile a calendar or list of upcoming neighborhood or community events. Make sure it’s relevant for the people in your database. Do you work with a lot of young families? Include information about youth sports and recreation. Gather community concerts and fairs dates, or even information about charity walks and city council meetings.

14. Link to your blog. Don’t copy everything that you’ve already published on your website word-for-word. Instead, link to a blog post within a current context, such as a holiday or season. If tax time is approaching, use newsletter copy to tease blog post that offers tips. Also, did you know you can embed Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts in your newsletter? If the comment section on a recent post is particularly lively, embed it in your newsletter and ask your readers to join the conversation or follow you. (Get the embed code by clicking on the right hand dropdown on the posts.)

15. Call out that special listing. A newsletter is a great place to highlight one listing and talk about what makes it  special. Is it the fireplace, the updated windows, or the ornate crown molding? Include one “eye candy” photo that begs to be clicked. Or, if you or your agents are targeting sellers, celebrate that sale that only took 15 days with a call to action that says, “Find out what your home is worth today,” and link to your automated competitive market analysis page.

16. Be yourself. Did you recently go skydiving? Embed a photo of the event with the text, “Just dropping a line.” Don’t be afraid to let your personality exude throughout your newsletter. If your brokerage is collecting donations for a local food pantry, use your newsletter to get past clients involved. Ask your sphere to join you on a charity run. Host a client appreciation lunch or happy hour and use your newsletter to invite clients.

If you’re looking for a great example, Tracy Wick, an agent with Keller Williams Realty in Novi, Mich., produces a monthly e-newsletter that incorporates many of these tips. Of course you don’t want to mimic her style or even length and layout. But by seeing how she does it, you may glean some ideas from her efforts to stay top-of-mind with her network.  

And if your clientele would prefer direct mail, try  sites like Bond or Handywrytten, which will help you create custom notes and cards and send them to your contacts for you.

That brings us to the end of this three part series. By the way, you can download my 2016 online lead-gen checklist for free. It’s a Google Doc, so simply request access. Have more questions about real estate technology and lead generation? Ask away on FacebookInstagramYouTube, and Google+ or by visiting LearnWithLee.Realtor.  


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