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Real estate broker tips, trends, and strategies on how to operate a business for long-term success

How to Avoid Real Estate Burnout

Feel like you’re on a hamster wheel? Real estate shouldn’t be a 24-hour job. Restore some sanity with these productivity tips.

Sharing Knowledge: Learn From Life’s Journey

Find out how one Chicago-area broker-owner took important life lessons and applied them to his business.

How to Build Professionalism at Your Brokerage

Industry powerhouses offer ways to encourage professionalism among agents and advice about what what’s worked at their companies.

Social Media Mistakes

Though it is one of the most effective real estate marketing tools, social media must be used with finesse and know-how.

Broker to Broker

Broker to Broker offers networking opportunities and practical content on how to grow and shape a successful, ethical, and resilient real estate business.


Agents often look to the broker for support in tough times. Here are some ideas for how you can help them meet their goals: