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Real estate broker tips, trends, and strategies on how to operate a business for long-term success

Tips for Top-Notch Marketing

Great marketing is a combination of consistency, messaging and knowing how to get your audience's attention.

Creative Ways to Help Agents Through the Inventory Shortage

This volatile market requires out-of-the-box solutions. Technology and mentoring make a difference, but there’s a third option for success: iBuyers.

Growing a Successful, Locally Focused Brokerage

Expanding your brokerage's market reach requires calculation than just acquiring or merging with other brokerages.

Bring Out the Strengths of Your Introverted Agents

Your introverted agents offer as much to the business as do the extroverts, but in a quieter way. Here's how to support them.

Be Community-Focused

Learn how one brokerage balances a growing business with their commitment to their local community.