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Help Agents Find Their Niche

By focusing on one segment of the market, whether it be property type or clientele, real estate professionals can hone their skills.

New Tech to Outfit Your Brokerage From CES 2020

Check out some of the latest offerings in the tech world to smarten up your real estate office.

Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Learn what traits are shared by most entrepreneurs and how you can use these characteristics to improve your real estate business in 2020.

The Code Toughens Its Words

An implicit antidiscrimination ban is now spelled out by a new standard of practice in the Code of Ethics.

Broker to Broker

Broker to Broker offers networking opportunities and practical content on how to grow and shape a successful, ethical, and resilient real estate business.

Sustainability Matters

Here's why your brokerage should focus on the high-performance homes niche.