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Real estate broker tips, trends, and strategies on how to operate a business for long-term success

Bring Out the Strengths of Your Introverted Agents

Your introverted agents offer as much to the business as do the extroverts, but in a quieter way. Here's how to support them.

How to Help Out-of-State Buyers

People are moving, many out of state, and helping out-of-state buyers requires a unique approach to customer service.

PR Tips to Maintain Your Reputation

With these tips, widely used in PR, you can create and maintain a strong reputation.

Empowering Latinas to Build Real Estate Careers

The Century 21 program offers a financial award for pre-licensing requirements, and participants are matched with an experienced Latina mentor.

Be Community-Focused

Learn how one brokerage balances a growing business with their commitment to their local community.