Good Neighbor Awards

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Meet the Winners

These REALTORS® are making the world a better place.

When an Island Tragedy Strikes

REALTOR® Omayra Borges risked her own life to rescue storm victims after Hurricane Maria.

Getting a Grip on Rural Homelessness

REALTOR® Chet Choman leads a nonprofit that helps one out of three people in an area larger than the state of Massachusetts.

An End to Weekend Hunger

REALTOR® Jeremy Lichtenstein launched a system to enable thousands of low-income kids to bring home food for their families.

Home on the Ranch

REALTOR® Joy Nelson’s 126-acre property lives up to its name as a magical respite.

Dams Bursting With Generosity

REALTOR® Elias Thomas is dedicated to making life better for the poor in India.

Good Neighbor Awards 2018

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About Good Neighbor Awards

The Good Neighbor Awards program recognizes REALTORS® who have made an extraordinary impact on their community.

About Volunteering Works

The Volunteering Works program matches REALTORS® who would like to expand their community service outreach with grants and mentorship.
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