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Design trends and staging tips to help you get homes sold faster and for more money

How I Staged It: Give the Fireplace Top Billing

Design guidance for making this warm feature red-hot to prospective buyers.

Alexa vs. Google Assistant: Is One More Useful in Real Estate?

When it comes to smart speakers, Amazon and Google rule the market. Which system is the most beneficial to your business?

Help Clients Get Wise to Smart-Tech Hype

Help homeowners evaluate which smart-home tech will streamline their lives and which are mere novelties.

How a Weird Home Finds a Buyer

Arizona agent’s first listing was a dome home, which provided a rare and remarkable marketing opportunity.

Design Trends

Touchscreen on kitchen wall

Home Upgrades Buyers Crave

Luxury home sales are cooling, and some sellers are finding they may have to invest in a few upgrades to nab top dollar for their property.

Staging Strategies

Residential Styles & Structural Elements


Hood molding is the projection from a wall over an arch. This type of molding, seen typically in Gothic architecture, was used to protect the...