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Design trends and staging tips to help you get homes sold faster and for more money

As Remodeling Surges, Electrical Issues Become Nuisance

Some buyers may want a pre-inspection to evaluate an older home with potential problems before making an offer, real estate pros say.

NAR Survey: Design Shows Raise Buyer Expectations

Sixty-three percent of real estate pros say buyers requested a home resembling those staged on TV. Read more from the “2021 Profile of Home Staging."

Getting the Right Light

Energy-saving technology has made choosing bulbs much more complicated. Here’s how to make the smartest and most flattering choices for a home.

10 Ways the Kitchen is Evolving for Greater Efficiency, Health

As kitchens get a robust workout due to more people cooking and working at home, design professions have responded with chic, functional updates.

Residential Styles & Structural Elements


America's colonial period encompassed a number of housing types and styles. For more information about Colonial styles, see Cape Cod,...