It's All About the House

Check out our love letter to American dwellings in this year's house and home issue.

July 16, 2014

Oh, the magic of the house. When you work in an industry where workdays are filled with strategizing about listings and prospecting for buyers and a very good day actually ends at the closing table, the enchantment of the house itself is sometimes overlooked. Houses aren’t commodities but sanctuaries, with their own character, charm, and flaws. An older house has likely given life to the dreams of multiple generations, while a newly built home is a template for untold possibilities. No matter when the foundation was laid, its acquisition by a new owner always marks the beginning of a new personal story. For real estate professionals, there is always much to learn about what makes a home sturdy and sound and alluring.

Come inside and find out about what’s new and what’s enduring about the houses that make a home:

  • Houses With a Past: For history lovers, nothing beats the charm of a home built in a bygone era. Just make sure old-house buyers know what they’re getting into.
  • Inside New Construction: When errors are made, owners have more options than they may realize. Plus: red flags to watch for.
  • Building for the Future: Innovative construction materials are both eco-friendly and resilient.
  • Market a Smart Home Smartly: Don't focus on all the bells and whistles. Market the features of a smart home that appeal to a wide audience.
  • Dressed to Sell: Here's what good staging is not: ripping every last bit of personality out of a home before showing it to buyers.
  • Video extra—Detailing Your Listing's History: Learn how to research an older home and turn that knowledge into listing gold.
  • Infographic: How Old Are They Now?

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