5 Feng Shui Deal Breakers for Buyers

March 1, 2006

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese design philosophy that tries to optimize the flow of energy through any space — a single room, a house, even an office building. Proponents say properties with good feng shui meet your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and bring you good luck. Buyers who believe in the principles of feng shui will avoid homes with the following characteristics:

1. A home with the bathroom located in the central tai chi area, the area of home where all of the energies are in perfect balance

2. A home with a spiral staircase in the center

3. A home with a staircase directly in front of the front door

4. Property located at a T- or Y-junction road with heavy road traffic

5. An excessively oddly shaped home

Source: Buy Your Home Smarter With Feng Shui by Holly Ziegler (Dragon Chi Publications, 2004)


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