2010 House & Home

Our third annual House & Home issue is filled with tips and trends that will help your clients live well, regardless of the size of their home or budget.

February 1, 2010

Sensible living is top of mind these days, but aesthetics don’t have to be sacrificed.

Not long ago, the idea of living well generally meant living large—or, at least, as large as you could afford. The nation’s economic upheaval has changed priorities for many home owners and buyers, who are still focused on living comfortably but perhaps more prudently and efficiently than before. 

Style and design remain important, but so has sustainable living, which has a double meaning during a tough economy. More than ever, we’re conscious of outfitting a home with eco-friendly materials, appliances, and furnishings, but just as clued in to the need to stay within a budget. 

In our third annual House & Home issue, we bring you insights for your clients and prospects about how to make the most of the space they’ve got and how they can make thoughtful improvements that offer the most bang for the buck. Our goal is to show you can live well regardless of the size of your house or your budget.

House & Home: Table of Contents

From induction cooking to relaxation retreats, these home-furnishings trends are catching fire.

NAR’s new consumer Web site is the go-to resource for proactive home owners.

After years of upsizing, Americans are enjoying the benefits of more modest living spaces.

What to consider before carving out an apartment or mother-in-law suite from an existing home.

Transform a home with these 6 eco-friendly repurposing ideas.

Using a few outdoor design elements, sellers can give their exterior all-around appeal.

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