Hot Staging Trends in 2012

The clutter is cleared. The house is clean. Now, what accessories and accents can you use to make a room look fresh and modern?

March 1, 2012

Looking for new, modern staging accessories? Try chunky woven blankets, reflective surfaces, and tangerine combined with neutral shades, says Barb Schwarz, CEO of Other ideas:

Mother Earth–inspired elements.
Nature is popular in staging this year. Popular color palettes are reminiscent of natural elements—reds found in earth and soil, blues of the ocean, lush greens of the forest, and neutrals that draw from the softer, textured look of eggs, seashells, and sand. These natural tones are being paired with color accents, such as tangerine tango, Pantone Color Institute’s color of the year. Also look for accessories that incorporate natural elements: woven baskets, leather stools, and cotton towels.

Fabulous faux.
Think zebra stripe rugs or leopard print votives! But beware: Use wild animal prints in small doses only.

Framing a piece of digital fabric is a great way to create an inexpensive piece of artwork. Try textiles with fern or tree branch patterns.

Not your grandma’s doilies.
Add lace in subtle ways—on top of tablecloths or paired with bold colors. Traditional quilts and crochet pieces are also popular.

Faded area rugs?
Vintage is in vogue. Instead of ditching that old Asian rug, use it as the foundation for your room’s color and aesthetic palette. Add modern artwork and table accessories that complement vintage pieces.

Opposites attract.
Think silk with suede, furniture with studs, shiny with vintage.

Touch the sky.
Think about the clouds and water when choosing reflective white, blue, and silver objects and hardware. Mirrors are great for staging because they make rooms look bigger. Also consider mirrors in other ways, such as for a tray holding a tea cup and saucer or on a wall in an area where there isn’t a lot of light.


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