How I Staged It

This series of slideshows offers tips from professional stagers, interior designers, and real estate pros who have added modern decorative twists to rooms throughout the home.

The Fabulous Foyer

Sept. 10, 2019: Buyers’ first impression of the inside of a home starts in the foyer. An inviting entryway can welcome visitors and set the tone for the rest of the house. Leave it empty—or cramped with too many belongings—and you may prevent potential buyers from wanting to see more. Stagers and real estate pros offer their best design tips for enhancing this important frontal feature.


A Stylish Dining Room for Any Occasion

Aug. 8, 2019: Help home buyers envision a perfect space for entertaining and intimate family celebrations. The dining room is the area in a home where luxury is brought to the forefront. Stage an elongated table with fancy dishes and place settings so buyers can fall in love with the perfect dining space. Home stagers and real estate pros show off their favorite dining room staging tips.


Make the Master Bedroom a Destination

Feb. 27, 2019: When potential buyers step into the master suite, they should feel an inviting sense of solitude—distractions disappear and relaxation is paramount. You might try decorating the bedroom with a calming color scheme that’s simple, not busy, to avoid overwhelming the senses. Add some luxury touches, such as crisp white linens and layered bedding, to make the bedroom feel like an exclusive wing of the home. Interior designers, professional stagers, and real estate professionals show how proper staging can transform the master bedroom into a sophisticated, stylish retreat.

In Wintertime, Give the Fireplace Top Billing

Jan. 11, 2019: With winter setting in, now’s the time to play up your listing’s fireplace as an amenity potential buyers can’t live without. You might even find that it makes financial sense to draw attention to this feature, as fireplaces can add up to 12 percent to a home’s overall value, according to joint study by the National Association of REALTORS® and the National Center for Real Estate Research. How can you turn this red-hot home feature into a sizzling selling point for your listing? See how home stagers have done it.

Residential Styles & Structural Elements

Cross Gable

Cross gable roofs have two or more gable rooflines that intersect. A house with a basic gable roof will have a rectangular shape, but a house...