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Quiz: Test Your Home Style Savvy

How much do you know about architectural styles and features, along with their history?


You know what makes for great curb appeal— healthy landscaping, pops of color, well-executed carpentry, and an excellent paint job in neutral colors. But how much do you know about architectural styles and features, along with their history? Having a sound background in residential architecture—like what makes one Queen Anne home more authentic than another or how Doric columns belong on a Neoclassical home while Corinthian columns are historically suited for a Greek Revival—could help you snag pricier listings and give buyers insights into homes they’re viewing.

1. What features are most prominent in a Queen Anne house?

A. Steep roof with cross gables
B. Symmetrical front facade
C. Multicolored palettes

Answer: A and C. The Queen Anne style, popular after the Civil War, often features wooden “gingerbread” trim and elaborate paint jobs.

Source: REALTOR® Magazine’s Guide to Home Architectural Styles

2. What are some interesting facts about the bungalow-style house?

A. It originated in the Northeast region after World War II for returning veterans.
B. Several companies sold bungalow kits through mail-order catalogs.
C. Dormer bungalows offered the appeal of stable temperatures throughout the different yearly seasons.

Answer: B. Bungalows originated in California during the 1880s and moved eastward to the Midwest, where they remained popular until the Great Depression.

Source: REALTOR® Magazine’s Guide to Home Architectural Styles

3. What is a key feature of a Doric column?

A. A tapered shaft
B. 24 flutes in the shaft
C. A column with a base or pedestal at the bottom

Answer: A. A column is made up of a shaft, base at the bottom, and capital at the top. Doric columns are characterized by a slight tapering and 20 flutes, or grooves, running the length of the shaft.

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

4. What are the main characteristics that give a Frank Lloyd Wright–style home its iconic look?

A. Long and flat profile with strong horizontal lines
B. Covered porches
C. Small interior rooms, each unique to give it character

Answer: A. Wright developed his Prairie-style homes to unite “man, nature, and architecture.”

Source: Chicago Architecture Foundation

5. What window style is popular today for the privacy it offers homeowners?

A. 12-by-12-inch frame
B. Glass block
C. Windows with grids

Answer: B. Used most often in lower levels and bathrooms, glass block windows are often seen in midcentury modern homes.

Source: Chicago Architecture Foundation

How Did You Do?

Five correct answers. Keep it up, and you’ll be the go-to agent in your area for architecture-loving buyers.

Three or four. You’re off to a good start. If you’re stumped by a buyer question, visit REALTOR® Magazine’s Guide to Home Architectural Styles for descriptions of more than 30 home styles and structural elements.

Fewer than three. REALTOR® Magazine’s Guide to Home Architectural Styles will have you naming dormer and roof styles in no time.


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