Add Some Punch With This Year's Hot Hue

Turquoise is the color of the year. Learn how you can weave it into home interiors to add some extra pizzazz to your staging.

June 1, 2010

Turquoise can instantly add a pop of color to any space, and the versatile color — which is often associated with forms of escape, such as a tropical paradise — often elicits pleasant and inviting feelings as you step into a room. That's why Pantone, the Carlstadt, N.J.–based color company, selected it as color of the year for 2010.

Long a favorite for many real estate and staging professionals, this vibrant blue-green color is being incorporated into home interiors, accessories, and fabrics as a go-to accent color for staging.

Practically anything goes with turquoise too. You can pair the shade with neutrals and browns, use it as a complement to reds and pinks, coordinate it with deep blues to create a classic maritime look, spruce it up with greens, or use it with yellow-greens for trend-setting appeal, according to Pantone.

"I love the way turquoise can take on so many different characteristics depending on the shade. There are so many different shades and styles of the color," says staging pro Tara Wilt, a chief certified design therapist with Interiority Complex, who wove the color into some of her design projects. "I think it brings a global feel to the space, adding interest and warmth."

But exercise some restraint before splashing turquoise everywhere. "You definitely have to be careful when using turquoise en masse when staging," says Ashley Whittenberger, founder and owner of Interiority Complex, a Texas-based staging and design firm. However, she adds that it can be a bold color choice. "It can definitely help a property stand out from the rest and appeal to a large number of buyers when used properly," Whittenberger says.

Consider mixing in dashes of the color through the room's accessories, such as a turquoise vase or as an accent color to highlight an element that may have otherwise gone overlooked. Here are some more ways staging and real estate professionals have subtly incorporated the hue to brighten rooms:

Name: Leah J. Armstrong, House to Home ReDesigns, Vancouver, British Columbia

Where it was used: Accent pillows, vase and bowl accessories, and painting

Why I used it: "My inspiration for the color scheme was the vase on the dining room table. It felt right for the listing, the season (summer), and the target buyer. I keep up with current trends and colors and take that into account when staging, generally incorporated as splashes of color in a neutral backdrop. When selecting a color story for staging, I first think about the fixed colors in the house and color wheel principles, and then how to incorporate that to appeal to my target buyer."

Name: Ashley Whittenberger, Interiority Complex, Austin, Texas

Where it was used: Accent color on a kitchen wall and candle accessory on a countertop

Why I used it: "I chose the color because with the stained cabinets, we already had a lot of warmth and red in the room. This beautiful blue-green balances out the red and cools it down a bit. Also, I like to weave in unexpected bits of color to keep a property from being lost in the sea of builder 'beige blahs' and re-sales, which can sometimes all look alike. I love to use hues that are somewhere between neutral or too bold. I always lean toward the more colorful end of the paint deck, as I know from experience that the right color can sell a home. Kitchens don't typically have a lot of wall space, so you can have a little more fun here and add a punch of color without being too overwhelming."

Name: Joan Inglis, CD Realty and Lake Wylie Home Staging, Lake Wylie, S.C.

Where it was used: Painting, pillows, throw blanket, and vase

Why I used it: "Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, and I love to use it in homes where it works. Turquoise goes great with earth tones and with orange, which is its opposite on the color wheel."

Name: Annie Pinsker-Brown, Stage to Sell, Los Angeles, Calif.

Where it was used: Comforter, painting, pillows

Why I used it: "I love using turquoise in my staging because it's such a warm, rich color that appeals to both men and women. It also reminds me of the ocean. I often use colors of the sea and sand in my staging of properties close to the beach to remind buyers of a home's proximity to the ocean."


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