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Design trends and staging tips to help you get homes sold faster and for more money

How Young Buyers Are Redefining ‘Luxury’

Many millennials are showing interest in high-end homes, but their property wish lists may look different than those of typical wealthy house hunters.

Agrihoods Feed Buyer Interest With Hip Amenities

A growing interest in eating locally produced healthy food has more homeowners welcoming farm-style living in their backyard.

The Ultimate Smart Home: 5 Devices That Save Money

In this final article in a three-part series, he shares money-saving tips you can pass on to your clients.

A 14-Year Path to Closing

Texas broker Jay Gohil learned the importance of consistent customer service after it took him nearly a decade and a half to sell a listing.

Residential Styles & Structural Elements

Box Bay

Box bay windows project from the side of a house. They have a square shape with 90-degree angles at the corners. The shape of the window creates...