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Closing on an Unfinished Home

New Jersey agent Marilyn O’Donoghue showed buyers why a property with no kitchen, bathroom, or flooring was worth nearly $3 million.

Augmented Reality: Presenting a Superimposed World

AR is finding a place in the real estate business. See who’s using it for real.

Inside the 2019 New American Home

The official show home at the International Builder Show offered up the latest in building innovations and home design trends.

Wallpaper Makes Triumphant Return

Like other decorating trends, wallpaper has seen its star rise and fall. It’s now shining bright once more as homeowners turn to it for accents.

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Cyma Reversa

Cyma reversa, also called an Ogee, is the opposite of cyma recta; it has a convex curve over a concave curve. Like Cyma Recta, it was used in...