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Design trends and staging tips to help you get homes sold faster and for more money

Agrihoods Feed Buyer Interest With Hip Amenities

A growing interest in eating locally produced healthy food has more homeowners welcoming farm-style living in their backyard.

The Ultimate Smart Home: 5 Devices That Save Money

In this final article in a three-part series, he shares money-saving tips you can pass on to your clients.

Do Specific Flood Disclosures Make Buyers More Prepared?

Environmentalists argue that sellers should provide more information about their properties’ flood histories to help buyers make smarter choices.

Beware of the Flip

Sparkling new quartz countertops, polished hardwood floors, stainless steel kitchen appliances. Aren’t your buyers lucky? But when sellers...

Residential Styles & Structural Elements


California Bungalow
These narrow, rectangular one and one-half story houses originated in California during the 1880s as a reaction to the elaborate decoration of...