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Design trends and staging tips to help you get homes sold faster and for more money

Wallpaper Makes Triumphant Return

Like other decorating trends, wallpaper has seen its star rise and fall. It’s now shining bright once more as homeowners turn to it for accents.

Reasons Your Listing Is Still for Sale

These four tips will provide meaningful sales meeting fodder to help agents understand why a property is taking longer than expected to sell.

What to Do With All That Stuff

Decluttering makes staging, selling, and moving easier—and less costly.

How I Staged It: Give the Fireplace Top Billing

Design guidance for making this warm feature red-hot to prospective buyers.

Design Trends

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Cape Cod

Some of the first houses built in the United States were Cape Cods. The original colonial Cape Cod homes were shingle-sided, one-story cottages...