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Design trends and staging tips to help you get homes sold faster and for more money

Managing Home Inspection Fears During the Pandemic

With fearful sellers backing out of the market, make it a top priority to understand how to conduct remote inspections and proper sanitization.

The Gentrification Conversation

Redevelopment can breathe life into a struggling neighborhood, but be careful to avoid steering clients.

Multigenerational Living: New Take on an Old Tradition

Multiple generations living under the same roof was the norm decades ago. Learn how to help your clients make it work today.

New Opportunities for More Sustainable Construction

Technology advances and alternative building materials and concepts can reduce a project’s cost and carbon footprint, experts say.

Residential Styles & Structural Elements


Inset dormers are also called recessed dormers. Unlike most other dormers, which extend out from a roof, this style is set back into the roof,...