Law & Ethics

Real estate laws, court cases, and rules that may affect your commercial or residential real estate business

Taking Medical, Bereavement, or Maternity Leave

These circumstances may require an extended break from work, but you don’t want to lose track of clients and transactions while you’re out.

Engaging in ‘Change Management’

These tactics for dealing with disruption will help alleviate the negative emotions that change often brings.

You Could Be the Fall Guy for Your Seller’s Lies

When clients deceptively skirt their responsibility to disclose property defects, it could spell trouble for you, too.

How the 20% Business Income Deduction Applies to You

Learn how recent changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affect those who earn income as independent contractors or from pass-through businesses.

Managing Risk

You wouldn't jump without a parachute. So make sure you're prepared by reading our latest risk management piece.

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5 Risky Off-MLS Scenarios

Watch your ethical responsibilities when taking part in a pocket listing, or you could land yourself in trouble.