5 Ways to Practice Law Unlawfully

March 1, 2006
  1. Changing the wording in a purchase contract except for the section designed to be filled in by a real estate licensee. Even if it’s only a few words, don’t mess with the preprinted portions of a contract form unless permitted to do so by your state’s law.
  2. Explaining to your client the meaning of a clause in the contract. Resist the temptation and refer the client to an attorney.
  3. Telling a client “not to worry” about a clause in the contract since the seller will not try to enforce it.
  4. Signing a document on behalf of your client, even with the client’s approval, unless you have power of attorney.
  5. Writing an addendum to the purchase contract. It’s far less risky to include common contingencies as standard clauses and then cross them out if they don’t apply.

Sources: About.com and The Real Estate Solutions Guide 2005, published by Florida REALTOR®