4 Home Technologies for Energy Efficiency

Help home owners shave $200 to $400 off their energy bills annually while increasing the long-term value of their home. The National Association of Home Builders offers these high-tech tips:

March 1, 2012

Automated HVAC Systems Programmable thermostats can save consumers about $180 per year in energy costs, according to Energy Star.   Automated systems can be set to reduce consumption when residents are out and to create heating and cooling zones in a home—a guest bedroom, for instance, might not always need the same level of heat as the living room.

Water Heaters Tankless gas water heaters turn on when residents start using hot water and turn off when they’re done, which can reduce water heating costs up to 35 percent annually. Water heaters that have a timer can be programmed to turn off when the home owner is away.

Lighting Automatic dimmers will adjust lighting based on the time of day, which is extremely beneficial for exterior lighting.

Blinds & drapes Automated blinds are an eco-savvy development in window treatments. Program shades to close during the hottest part of the day in summer and to let sun in during winter.

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