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Real estate laws, court cases, and rules that may affect your commercial or residential real estate business

Another Chance to Defend Independent Contractor Status

As a Senate committee calls a hearing on the PRO Act, which faces steep resistance, NAR continues educating lawmakers.

Growing Accessibility Challenges

The anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act serves as a reminder to tune into the livability needs of clients.

FHA Eases Requirements for Home Buyers With Student Loan Debt

A new policy removes some barriers for borrowers with student loan debt who are trying to qualify for a federally insured mortgage.

Smart Language for Inspection Contingency Waivers

Skipping inspections is ill-advised. Attorneys can help provide contract wording that offers protection to purchasers without turning off sellers.

Latest Legal News

Man flying a drone at dusk

Drone Use May Be on the Rise

Learn how expanded FAA rules are opening creative real estate marketing opportunities with autonomous aerial vehicles.

Managing Risk

You wouldn't jump without a parachute. So make sure you're prepared by reading our latest risk management piece.