Law & Ethics

Real estate laws, court cases, and rules that may affect your commercial or residential real estate business

Tenant Rights and the Pandemic

COVID-19 raises legal concerns related to evictions and fair housing.

NAR: SCOTUS Ruling Delivers 'Victory for Fairness'

The association applauds the Supreme Court's landmark decision extending anti-discrimination job protections to LGBTQ workers.

LGBTQ Homeownership: There's More Work to Do

It’s Pride Month and despite the LGBTQ community gaining more acceptance and legal protections, discrimination persists, a new survey shows.

NAR Provides Guidelines on Guarding Against Hate Speech

Brokerages and REALTOR® associations report a surge of racist and hateful remarks occurring on social media.

Managing Risk

You wouldn't jump without a parachute. So make sure you're prepared by reading our latest risk management piece.