Law & Ethics

Real estate laws, court cases, and rules that may affect your commercial or residential real estate business

Beware of the Flip

Sparkling new quartz countertops, polished hardwood floors, stainless steel kitchen appliances. Aren’t your buyers lucky? But when sellers...

Do Specific Flood Disclosures Make Buyers More Prepared?

Environmentalists argue that sellers should provide more information about their properties’ flood histories to help buyers make smarter choices.

75 Years of VA Home Loans: ‘We Can Enjoy the American Dream’

This week marks the 75th anniversary of the GI Bill, which created the VA home loan program—an avenue bringing military business your way.​​​​​​​

Overcoming Early Hurdles

Giving new agents proper attention should be a top priority for brokers, says NAR President John Smaby. Here’s why mentoring is key.

Managing Risk

You wouldn't jump without a parachute. So make sure you're prepared by reading our latest risk management piece.