Dole Voices Support for Mortgage Interest Deduction

June 1, 1996

Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kan., the presumptive Republican nominee for president, told members he favored a "flatter, simpler" tax code that retained deductions for mortgage interest and charitable contributions.

Dole called homeownership "a piece of America. It's what people live for and work for and dream about. And one way to keep it is to keep the mortgage interest deduction forever."

Dole also said he supported eliminating, or at the very least reducing, the capital gains tax rate "to create more jobs and more opportunities for people." He also called for a balanced budget, which he said would drop interest rates by 2 percent and stimulate homebuying.

Addressing the contentious issue of health care reform, Dole took credit for an amendment to a Senate bill that passed, which would ultimately raise the health insurance tax deduction for the self-employed to 80 percent.

After his speech, NAR and the Kansas Association of REALTORS® presented Dole with a plaque for his leadership and for advancing private property rights.

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