POLL RESULTS: Productivity at Home

June 1, 1996

In last month's News Poll, we asked readers, "When you work from home, do you find your productivity increases, decreases or stays the same?" Here are the results, based on the 106 responses we received.

Increases 76.5%
Decreases 18.8%
Stays the same 4.7%

What some callers said:

"My productivity increases when I work at home, but so do the number of hours I work!"

"I get more done when I work at home---sometimes I'm up at 4:30 a.m. working."

"I think whether your productivity increases depends on whether you have children. I think it's difficult to work at home when you have small children there with you."

"My productivity decreases because I find there are too many distractions for me at home."

Source: Today's REALTOR® Interactive News Poll, May 1996.

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