Lighten Up: Rendezvous Listing

June 1, 1997

At a listing appointment last summer, Guy Amacher of Wauwatosa, Wis., thought his ex-girlfriend had cooked up the meeting to get them back together.

When the Homeowner's Concept salesperson arrived at the house, the seller called out, "Come in. I'm in the kitchen." Although her back was to him, Amacher could see the seller's reflection--that of his former girlfriend, Charlene--in a nearby mirror.

"Thinking the listing appointment was just a ploy to get to see me again, I rushed in, swung her around, and kissed her," Amacher recalls.

The wide-eyed seller asked whether he gave all prospects such special treatment, and then she introduced herself. She was his ex-girlfriend's twin sister.

Once his beet-red face returned to normal, Amacher was able to write up the listing. "I never did get to see Charlene, though," he says.

Marketing Under the Knife

When salesperson Zandra Kessler, Heartland Real Estate, Rochester, Minn., learned she needed surgery, she didn't let the marketing opportunity pass her by. She carried business cards with her to the Mayo Clinic and handed them to the nurses as she was wheeled into surgery.

Before reaching the surgeon, Kessler ran out of cards. Undaunted, she grabbed a Post-It note and wrote, "For all your buying and selling needs, contact Zandra Kessler . . . ," and attached it to her surgical gown.

She knew she had a customer when she came to after surgery and found the surgeon still wearing her note on his jacket. He wore it the three days she was at the hospital.

Because of her hospital marketing blitz, Kessler received several referrals.

People Say the Darndest Things!

Fred Kortepeter, Sycamore Group, REALTORS®, Indianapolis, passed along these gaffes and comments he's gathered from listing sheets over the years.

  • Sellers to keep all flooring.
  • One-owner condom near lake.
  • Exclude basement, as it is a family heirloom.
  • Priced for quick sale! (House had been on the market 15 months.)
  • Mirror over fireplace and roof don't stay.
  • Four acres on large lot.
  • Defects: Neighbors' septic tank stinks in the summer.
  • Watch for snake in the driveway. Don't run over it.
  • Third-floor walk-up apartment: Great for getting rid of in-laws.
  • Dog bites. Don't go in the house.
  • Walls to be replaced.
  • Reason selling: Moving.
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