Lighten Up: Why Call When You Can Meet in Person?

Lighthearted stories from the the real estate field.

August 1, 1997

Ever have a phone conversation that went on ad infinitum? Andy Stetelman, GRI, of London & Stetelman Commercial, REALTORS®, Hattiesburg, Miss., recently got a call that wouldn't end even after he had hung up.

"A long-winded client called me while I was driving back to my office," Stetelman says. "Once I'd parked at my office, I stayed in my car, out of courtesy, and listened to him for another 15 minutes."

Finally Stetelman walked into his office, only to find his client sitting by a phone, which he'd used to track down Stetelman.

Only the Finest Pedigree Will Do

Imagine being referred to a buyer seeking a home in the $1 million range. Sharon Altman didn't have to. The Marlboro, N.J.--based Coldwell Banker--Schlott, REALTORS®, salesperson was squired by a wealthy couple to various properties either in their limousine or in their Rolls-Royce.

On one of the househunting expeditions, Altman sat in the back of the car with the couple's bichon frise, Sassy. "As we started out, the couple remarked that Sassy had excellent taste and that wherever she decided to 'do her thing' would be the house they'd buy," Altman says.

Altman selected several homes to view that day, including one of her own listings priced at $1.45 million. After the three had looked at the listing and returned to the Rolls, they found that Sassy had done her thing in the backseat. Altman reminded them about their earlier comment, and they did indeed buy the house.

"For her undeniable taste," Altman says, "I brought a gift basket for Sassy to the closing."

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