‘Vote, Act, and Invest’ Explained

Learn more about the REALTOR® Party's commitment to support a sound, dynamic real estate market.

March 15, 2013

Yes, the REALTOR® Party had a 94 percent win rate at the polls last November and was tapped for more than 3,000 political advocacy efforts in 2012. But the full breadth of the REALTOR® Party and its value may still be something of a mystery to members. So in February NAR President Gary Thomas kicked off a six-week information campaign to explain the REALTOR® Party and its commitment to “Vote, Act, and Invest” in support of a sound and dynamic real estate market.

In each week of the campaign, NAR rolled out a short video explaining some facet of the REALTOR® Party, whether it’s the mission to strengthen communities or spread the word about legislative issues affecting real estate. NAR CEO Dale Stinton says the REALTOR® Party is more than a program; it’s a philosophy. So think of the six-week information campaign as the initiative’s philosophical playbook. At the REALTOR® Action Center watch all six videos, download the accompanying infographic, and share the information with colleagues and clients.