Our Annual Report

March 1, 2004

With apologies to Irving Berlin, there’s no business like the magazine business. Magazines engage in an ongoing conversation with their readers, offering thought-provoking content and building a sense of community. At REALTOR® Magazine, our mission is to be “the business tool for real estate professionals.” That’s the context for the conversation we have with you each month. That means we don’t talk a lot about our business, magazine publishing. This column is the exception: our second annual report to you on REALTOR® Magazine’s accomplishments over the last year and plans for 2004.

Being an association publication, we have a special responsibility to our readers, the members of the National Association of REALTORS®. With that in mind, we continually pursue the highest standards of accuracy and fairness in our coverage of industry issues and trends. To the credit of our NAR parent, we also retain a large measure of editorial independence that allows us to push the envelope in covering the news, trends, and products that we think matter in your business. In return for the trust NAR places in us, we vigorously pursue a high level of integrity—seeking cutting-edge stories, searching for the best sources, and fact-checking every piece of information. When we fall down on the job, we correct our errors.

To get you to pick up the magazine, we put an enormous amount of thought and energy into our covers. Your desk is our “newsstand,” and we’re always striving to cut through the information clutter that lives there. We got your attention with several of our 2003 covers, and you can be sure we’ll continue our efforts to avoid “plain vanilla” covers in the year ahead.

We’re also committed to continuing to give you practical, real world guidance on how to perform better in your business. As an example, this month’s second annual list issue (see page 35) is a follow-up to the well-received list issue we did one year ago. In 2004, you can look forward to articles ranging from the hottest home design trends to the livability challenges facing communities.

In terms of recognition, 2003 was a banner year for REALTOR® Magazine, our daily convention newspaper, and our Web site. We received 19 awards for editorial and design excellence, and our volume of reader mail has never been higher.

On behalf of all my colleagues at REALTOR® Magazine, I want to thank each and every one of you who participated in one of our editorial roundtables, responded to a survey from us, contributed a success tip to the magazine, or took time to write us a letter. Our success truly is a reflection of the special relationship we have with you.

Frank J. Sibley

Frank J. Sibley is the senior vice president of consumer relations for the National Association of REALTORS®.

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