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Keeping you informed about important issues that affect your business is one of the key jobs of REALTOR® Magazine.

January 1, 2011

One thing is certain in today's real estate environment—there's no shortage of issues to debate. Beyond the expected talk at this time of year about the market outlook, there's the weighty matter of deficit reduction. As you're no doubt aware, tax incentives for home ownership were among the targets of the federal Commission on Deficit Reduction and Reform. 

It's not yet clear what action Congress will take on this plan, which didn't receive the necessary 14 of 18 yes votes from commission members to go directly to the legislature. Nonetheless, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® has been tracking the discussion intensely and working hard to get the word out that any plan that eliminates deductibility of mortgage interest could critically erode home values and negatively impact home ownership.

Keeping you informed about issues such as this is one of the key jobs of REALTOR® Magazine. However, the magazine is just one avenue. Today, NAR is a full-fledged media company, both creating media and buying media time through our Public Awareness Campaign (watch our new ads launching Jan. 17). Through our efforts, we bring REALTOR®-friendly messages to the public and help you foster fruitful, ongoing relationships within your sphere:

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No one has all the answers to buyers' and sellers' concerns. But we're constantly striving to offer you knowledge and resources you need to have an informed conversation with those you serve. 


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Frank J. Sibley

Frank J. Sibley is the senior vice president of consumer relations for the National Association of REALTORS®.