Our Promise to You

October 1, 1998

Welcome to the first issue of REALTOR® Magazine, your redesigned, renamed, and editorially refocused membership magazine.

With this issue, we’re making you a promise. We know that your life is hectic and that the demands of your business are considerable. So we’ve rebuilt this magazine to be a fast read, filled with the essential business intelligence you need to stay competitive in a dynamic marketplace.

If you spend just a few minutes each month with this publication— scanning its headlines, subheads, and photo captions and reading just the first few paragraphs of its articles—you’ll take away valuable information that can help you operate more professionally and profitably.

That’s our promise: We’ll make every word count so that you get a high return for the precious time you invest in reading these pages.

Our new tag line says, “the business tool for real estate professionals,” and that’s what we want to be, the one real estate industry publication you can’t put down.

In the months ahead, you'll find in REALTOR® Magazine in-depth coverage of important industry issues and trends in selling and marketing, housing, and commercial real estate. In addition, the industry's leading experts will contribute columns on ethics, technology, the law, selling, and the economy. And you can still count on us for the latest industry news, supplemented by our free daily and weekly E-mail news services available through One Realtor Place®.

This edition of the magazine contains our first preview ever of the REALTORS® Convention & Trade Expo (in Anaheim, Calif., next month), so you won't see the full measure of our new editorial focus until later this fall.

Please spend time with the magazine over the next several months and tell us what you think. Are we delivering on our promise? Your feedback will give us the answer.

Pamela Geurds Kabati is the former publisher of REALTOR® Magazine and senior vice president of communications for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Stacey Moncrieff

Stacey is director of content strategy for the National Association of REALTORS® and editor-in-chief of REALTOR® Magazine. In addition, she oversees the quarterly REALTOR® Association Executive magazine and manages a variety of e-communications for REALTORS® and REALTOR® association executives. She has been with the NAR for more 30 years, starting as an associate editor with Real Estate Today magazine, where she covered sales and finance topics.

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