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From the Editor: This association is never standing still.

April 1, 2007

For several months, I’ve kept a low profile at the magazine while working on a special project — a book celebrating the first 100 years of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. But NAR’s centennial is right around the corner — the official 100-year mark is in May 2008 — and the book will debut at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo this November. So I’m jumping back into the magazine with both feet, and it feels good.

Of course, I’ve been following industry goings-on, too. And hasn’t it been interesting? The U.S. Justice Department is moving along in its lawsuit, charging that the association’s policies discourage innovation. Meanwhile, innovation has been exploding all around us.

In this issue, we hear from so-called traditional brokers who are unbundling services as a result of client demand (“Just what the client ordered ”). The article appears in our “For Brokers” edition, which goes only to the designated REALTOR® in each office — but you can read it at REALTOR® Magazine Online.

Last month, Part I in our four-part “Innovator Series ” appeared in the magazine, and the panelists — rokerage innovators from around the country — joined us for a lively exchange with readers online. Read the questions and answers by searching “Innovator Series” at our Web site. Part II of the series in June looks at technology innovation; features panelists from Zillow, Trulia, and to name a few; and also includes an online component.

Do you get the sense that I’m trying to drive you to REALTOR® Magazine Online? It’s well worth a look. Talk about innovation! As I write this, the newest member of our editorial staff, Melissa Dittman Tracey, is about to launch our newest feature — a blog that keeps you updated on the latest real estate books hitting the market. Meanwhile, Managing Editor Christina Hoffmann Spira—who produced our top-selling book 1,200 Great Sales Tips for Real Estate Pros — is in post-production on video clips that’ll accompany a home staging article in our July issue. And Web Editor Kelly Quigley is working on a host of projects, including a new look for our popular Handouts for Consumers.

One thing I’ve learned from my research on the centennial book: This association is never standing still. Throughout its history, NAR has been blessed with leaders who forged new paths to help REALTORS® adapt to change and thrive. At the magazine, we’re happy to be part of a truly innovative organization.

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Stacey Moncrieff

Stacey is executive editor of publications for the National Association of REALTORS® and editor in chief of REALTOR® Magazine.