A Rollercoaster Day

The risks and rewards of working in real estate converge unexpectedly during a one-day visit.

November 2, 2014

An intense mix of emotions filled the editorial meeting I attended for this issue of REALTOR® Magazine at the end of September. All of us awoke that day to learn that real estate agent Beverly Carter, from Pulaski County, Arkansas, was found dead after a scheduled property showing. The kidnapping and killing of one of our own reminds us of how fragile life is and how dangerous our job can be. I hope this tragedy serves as a wake-up call for everyone in the business.  

But Sept. 30 was also an exciting day for the real estate industry with the announcement that Move Inc. which operates realtor.com®, would be acquired by Rupert Murdoch-led News Corp. Expectations are high that the deal will be transformative. In the words of NAR President Steve Brown, “This partnership will shape the future of real estate.”  

Personally, it was a rewarding day for me as I got to share my thoughts about the state of the business and association activities as this issue’s guest editor. This past year for me has been all about the Power of R. As the 2014 president of the Illinois Association of REALTORS® and a team leader for The Real Estate Group in Springfield, Ill, the mantra was my inaugural conference theme, which carried through 2014 and was then, to my delight, was adopted by the National Association of REALTORS®.  

For me, the Power of R manifests in a number of ways. First and foremost is the power we wield through RPAC contributions. Our investments shape the way policy is developed at all levels of government and helps us to elect like-minded officials who become part of the REALTOR® Party.  In Illinois we also have RVOICE, our local advocacy program, which has had a huge impact on the business of real estate at the local government level. The Power of R also is also voiced through our ethics and our professionalism, and it has been showcased on the last page of this magazine all this year through profiles of REALTORS® who demonstrate their impact.

As individual REALTORS®, our volunteer activities bring the Power of R to life. My longtime commitment has been to Habitat for Humanity. This year the Illinois Association of REALTORS® funded and built three Habitat homes across the state and I am proud to be working with many colleagues on the REALTOR® build in New Orleans during the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in November. Those efforts signal our concern about affordable housing in our communities to consumers and show our willingness to step up and care for one another. Whether it’s Habitat or other worthwhile causes, REALTORS® have their fingers on the pulse of their communities. None are more committed than the Good Neighbor award winners featured in this issue for the spectacular impact they have made on those around them. Reading their stories gives me an extra boost of pride about the REALTOR® family. Together we make a difference.  I hope you feel the same.