9/11 Reflection and Remembrance: Letters from Survivors

Excerpts of actual letters. Some names withheld to protect their privacy.

September 1, 2002

“I wanted to thank you and your organization for the help, which is greatly appreciated during this difficult time. I also wanted to thank you for making the application process easy, quick, and dignified. I wish other organizations handled these relief funds in the same manner.”

“My mother was killed on 9/11 in the World Trade Center. I want to thank you for the five checks that you sent to my father. I know my mother would want to thank you for helping out my father and me. Sometimes the world isn’t that great, but people like you make the world seem brighter.”

“You have given us some peace of mind when we thought that was no longer possible. You’ve restored our faith in the kindness of strangers when our faith was running out. Most of all, during a time when our family was ripped apart, you helped us stay in the warmth and safety of our home.”

“My wife and I want to thank you for helping us pay our mortgage. The loss of our only child has devastated our lives. We worked very hard to give him the best education. He never forgot to help us, and we depended on him. Thanks again for your kind heart.”

“I want to convey my sincere thanks to all of you at the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® for your very generous gift. I lost my beloved husband in the Twin Towers. As I struggle to get through each day, it comforts me to know there are wonderful people like all of you.

“On behalf of my sister and her three children, I want to thank you and the 37,000 members of the New York State Association of REALTORS® for your incredible generosity. The financial assistance provided by your association came immediately and unquestioningly and will positively impact my sister’s ability to move forward through this terrible emotional and financial disaster. As a member of the Bar of the State of New York and a real estate attorney by practice, I have witnessed firsthand on many occasions the generosity and caring of many of your members. I am proud to be associated with this select group of outstanding people.”

“My sister, whose husband was aboard the flight that hit the Pentagon, told me that the Virginia Association of REALTORS® offered her the support of paying her mortgage for three months, and I have to say, I was moved to tears. You make me proud to be an American, and you are part of the strength that makes this country great.”

“My husband was killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center. We have three small children, and I have a lifetime ahead of me to provide for them. The financial assistance from your organization has helped tremendously in my efforts to get my children back to some [semblance] of the life they left behind on Sept. 11. Your method of distribution was with true charity and respect. You offered assistance in a way that allowed me to maintain my dignity, and it is most sincerely appreciated.”

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