What Kind of Real Estate Innovator Are You?

Take this quiz to understand how your strengths can help you change the industry for the better, and how to avoid the weaknesses that could halt the growth of your career.

September 14, 2015

Real estate is an industry that attracts the entrepreneurial type, which means agents and brokers are well suited to meet the challenges of today’s volatile global economy, according to Linda Rottenberg. As one of the world’s experts on entrepreneurship, she says that while all businesspeople need to think and act like entrepreneurs to succeed, there are many different paths to crafting your future success.

“Just as there is no singular path to being an entrepreneur today, there is also no set entrepreneur personality,” Rottenberg says. “Entrepreneurs have different—often multiple—personality profiles, with their own strengths and weaknesses.”

Take this assessment to see where you fall. At the end, you’ll also receive feedback on common mistakes to avoid.