Notes From Readers: Seattle's Movers and Shakers

January 1, 2001

I’m surprised that J. Lennox Scott made your list (“25 most influential people in real estate,” December 2000, page 39) but not someone from Windermere Real Estate, either John Jacobi, the founder, or Jim Shapiro, the CEO.

Windermere is the largest company in the Pacific Northwest– much larger than John L. Scott–and, to my thinking, more technologically advanced than Scott.
Maury King,CRS®, Windermere Real Estate Northwest Inc., Seattle, Wash.

Linigers are above the crowd

I was very surprised that you didn’t include either Gail Liniger or David Liniger of RE/MAX International. I have the greatest respect for the both of them and what they have done.

Quite frankly as I scan these folk, none of them seem to compare.
Dudley Martens, Dudley Martens, Real Estate, Arvada, Colo.

Kudos for taking chances

It’s a thrill to be named alongside such extraordinary people. I loved the list and thought you displayed some daring to include some of the people you did.
Blanche Evans, Publisher, Agent News, Dallas

Semantics: What should we call you?

Mail on the subject of what the magazine should call sales practitioners reflected a wide range of opinion, none of which convinced us to change our usage. Many writers who said our use of the term salesperson was too limiting asked us, “What’s wrong with ‘REALTOR®’?”

REALTOR® isn’t synonymous with “real estate broker” or “real estate salesperson.” It simply means, “member of NAR.” So using it as a replacement for salesperson would be wrong under the trademarked word’s allowable uses–and the association’s official publication should get it right.

Here are some other readers’ opinions on the subject:

What’s your license say?

In Oregon, you’re legally either a broker or a salesperson. Those who don’t like being a salesperson should earn their broker’s license!
Glen R. Fotre,CCIM, broker, Portland Commercial Real Estate Services, Portland, Ore.

Anything but ‘salesperson’

Our state license calls us “affiliated licensee.” At least that’s a fair description of who I am, whether or not I become the agent of a client.

I ask those in our office to use anything but “salesperson” on their business cards. My business card reads “real estate counselor,” and those who take our extensive training can use this also.
Barbara Hoffman, general manager, Crown Realty of Kansas, Olathe, Kan.


In our listing of REALTOR® Expo exhibitors (October 2000), the Web address of Lone Wolf Software was listed incorrectly. The correct address is

In “25 most influential people in real estate,” a reference to Norwest Mortgage was incorrect. Norwest is now Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

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