Notes From Readers: Small Steps Change the World

February 1, 2007

January 2007 was another excellent issue front to back. You people have a heart for our profession and it shows!

The back page interview with historian Jeff Hornstein (“A few minutes with,” page 44 ) describes the essence of our profession. Real estate practitioners’ ability to change the world for the better one family at a time is something we can be proud of in a time when it’s so difficult to do so.— Lawrence S. Sotoodeh, Amberstar Properties, San Antonio

Where are the Linigers?

You presented a good list of thought leaders in the December 2006 issue (“Real estate’s 25 most influential thought leaders,” page 40).

You must have had your reasons for leaving out RE/MAX founders Dave and Gail Liniger. Why? They didn’t originate the RE/MAX system but they certainly have contributed profoundly to changing our industry’s paradigm.— Bill Rexford, Long & Foster Real Estate Inc., Westminster, Md.

Editor’s note: Our “most influential” article typically looks at those who’ve had an influence on the industry over the past several years. In the future we may do a “legends of real estate” piece, for which the Linigers would certainly qualify. Also, we're currently working on a book celebrating the National Association of REALTORS®’ Centennial. In a chapter on the evolution of the business, we include the Linigers’ contributions.

Too company-centric

I truly enjoy reading REALTOR® Magazine. I always pick up several new and valuable bits of information and better understand the perspectives of others even if I don’t agree with them.

One issue that confounds me, though, is the focus of so many of your articles on the corporate side of real estate the CEOs of giant companies (who may or may not themselves be REALTORS®); the growth of corporate services, such as mortgage lending, escrow and title, inspections, and relocation, which don’t fall under the rubric of what NAR members do; and the “sizing up” of companies by adding more and more associates.

I don't see how any of these activities have any noticeable effect upon a practitioner’s income.— Brad Davis, Brad Davis Properties Inc., Damascus, Ore.

Editor’s note: In each issue, we strive to include practical information for both salespeople and brokers. For even more how-to selling information for salespeople, visit In addition, REALTOR® Magazine just published a handy guide for real estate practitioners called 1,200 Great Sales Tips for Real Estate Pros. The book, available at, offers hundreds of business-building ideas.

A shorter code?

You used seven-and-a-half pages of fine print to publish the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of NAR (January 2007, after page 28). Rotary International has adopted a much less lengthy code of ethics called The Four-Way Test:“Of the things we think, say or do

1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?"

Tony Weissgarber, Weissgarber Properties Inc., San Antonio

Editor’s note: There's no question that short and simple is a desirable approach when short and simple accomplishes the task.

Our Code helps all REALTORS® regardless of experience, expertise, or fields of endeavor understand their ethical duties and ensures consistent and uniform enforcement of the Code by every association of REALTORS®. The REALTORS® who have reviewed, refined, and enhanced the Code of Ethics have endeavored to keep it straightforward and concise while providing meaningful guidance.

In addition, enforcement of the Code subjects members to potential disciplinary action, including suspension and expulsion from membership. To ensure that enforcement actions are justifiable and defensible, it’s critical that the Code's obligations be expressed in clear, specific, and unambiguous terms.

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