Notes From Readers: Consistency, Relevancy Matter Most

A collection of letters from readers of REALTOR® Magazine this month.

June 1, 2011

On the reader feedback page of the April/May issue, Rick Snider of Waldorf, Md., commented that Facebook is a waste of time ("Taking a Pass on Facebook"). He said real estate is about forming relationships and generating referrals, not about being online. I beg to differ. I joined Facebook two years ago and use it daily to promote my real estate business. In those two years, I have gotten 10 listings and eight buyers from it! If you’re consistent and post relevant topics, it will generate business!
Dave Piccolo, Century 21 Scheetz, Indianapolis

Wall Street’s the Culprit

In your Economy article, Lawrence Yun mentioned that Libya is a big oil exporter ("Keep an Eye on Oil Prices," April/May 2011, page 10). However, if you go to the U.S. Energy Information Administration Web site ( and look at the countries from where the United States gets its crude oil, you’ll see that Libya is not a major exporter. Of about 294 million barrels imported to the United States in February, less than 1 million came from Libya. Even considering just the 42 million barrels from Persian Gulf countries, Libya’s amount is still very small. The price of gas fluctuates more on oil company greed and Wall Street speculation than on coups in small foreign countries.
Greg Galvin, Tuscana Properties, San Jose, Calif.

Banks Must Get Moving on Loan Mods

I’ve worked in the loan servicing business for 18 years, and real estate is my passion. The way I see it, most people are forced to do a short sale simply because the banks won’t modify their existing loan. I have seen several instances in which struggling borrowers try to work with the banks, only to learn that the banks won’t even consider a loan mod request until the mortgage is three months behind. Crazy! Why, instead of giving the home to a complete stranger at a discounted price, can’t banks help borrowers who truly have a hardship? Qualify owners for what they can pay and reduce the principal. The government is helping banks cover their losses, so taxpayers should have a voice. Keep families in their homes.
Sherry A. Belcher, RE/MAX Golden Empire Realty, Bakersfield, Calif.

Are You Resilient?

I used to ask agents to take a test before they worked with me—the purpose was to gauge their sales skills and emotional resilience. I found that agents who had strong emotional resilience would stay in the business and make the most money. They were the people who would decide that, instead of getting upset about potentially losing a deal, they’d create a win-win and keep working productively the rest of the day.
Posted April 29 by Dave Robison, Robison & Co. Real Estate, South Jordan, Utah

Fran Strollo responded: Another agent won the listing for a home on my block. I thought, I could get upset every time I pass that sign (which is at least twice a day) or realize that I can’t win them all and move on to the next one. Now it’s my goal to find the buyer for that home!

Don’t Call It Blogging

Part of the problem with blogging is the word itself. "Blogging " tends to conjure up impressions of amateurish writers going online to flame a politician or give updates about their cats. So ditch the term, says Chris Smith, cocreator of the consulting firm Tech Savvy Agent, and just think of it as a key opportunity to market your business on the Internet.
Posted April 20 by Brian Summerfield, online editor

Peter Clarke responded: Blogging and writing articles about your local market not only drives traffic to your Web site but establishes you as an area expert. Consumers are searching for you online. You had better be there!

Mandy Mod Girl says: Blogging is so important to SEO. It makes it so much easier to achieve first-page rankings, and linking blog posts to social media accounts only generates more buzz in Google. Blogging is definitely the future of online marketing.

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