Notes From Readers: Who's In Charge of Technology?

Readers speak out about our coverage of The Internet of Things, the debate on whether or not to carry a gun on the job, and a house that tweets.

May 13, 2015

Who’s in Charge of Technology?

"The Internet of Things & Organized Real Estate," March 2015, examined ways that REALTOR® associations and MLSs will be able to harness the expanding power of connected devices and the data flowing through them on behalf of members.

Kelly Nation responds: I agree with the majority of what you are saying, but despite the development of all this "awesome" technology and what many of these companies are saying that we can do with the available data, I still feel that ultimately the end user will determine where the technology will go. You can develop the greatest piece of software that can walk someone through a home via their mobile phone and allow them to pick out options, but buying is emotionally based. People still need to "see it, feel it, touch it."

I believe that many of the up-and-coming software, services, websites, and apps will fall by the wayside as buyers figure out what works for them and their way of buying a home and use technology to suit their personal needs.

Are You Really Safer With a Gun?

As REALTOR® safety has become a hot topic following brutal attacks on agents, so has the issue of whether to carry a gun. Law enforcement officials and safety instructors who spoke to REALTOR® Magazine say while they support professionals' right to retain a gun as a means of protection, the issue isn’t simply carry or don’t carry. The open question is whether having such a weapon makes you safer.

Joe Aponte responds: I say it is the right of every law-abiding citizen to bear arms if they choose to do so. Criminals always have the upper hand, and that is wrong. Yes, training is essential since a gun can go off pretty easily, and it must be handled with care. If my family is threatened, I will defend them by any means possible. I hope I would never have to face a moment like that, but the possibility is real.

Lisa B. responds: I carry everywhere I go (unless restricted by law) and take it very seriously. I have become more aware of my surroundings and have changed the way I show properties. I always carry on my body (never in a purse), so I’m fully aware of where my firearm is at all times. If my life is on the line, I will not hesitate to use my firearm.

Scott Case responds: Training will prepare you to present your gun in a quick and proficient manner to fend off an attacker without having to fire a shot. Been carrying for 15 years, only had to pull my gun once, and the attacker fled. If you make the decision to carry, take the appropriate training and make a trip to the range at least every three months.

From Speaking of Real Estate

The role of social media in real estate took on a new twist when a house for sale in Illinois began tweeting under the handle "Bob the House." The Twitter account’s human handler, marketing consultant Rich Burghgraef said the posts about the property and neighborhood helped create an emotional tie between the home and potential buyers before people came to look. By Graham Wood

Julia Bruston responds: Very clever—70+ followers. Guess people like it.

Tom Woodruff responds: Brilliant idea, but am I the only who noticed that family-friendly is not necessarily equal opportunity friendly?

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