Do You Love Being a REALTOR®?

NAR's new "Heart of the Market" initiative lets you tell your story.

May 1, 2010

Some people get caught in the trap of thinking of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® as a monolith. And it’s true that our strength on Capitol Hill as a unified voice—The Voice for Real Estate®—is part of who we are. But we’re much more than that.

We’re a million individuals, each with our own history, our own hopes, and our own strengths and challenges. Each of us entered the business for a reason, and each of us finds our own value from being a REALTOR®.

As many of you know, real estate was not my first career choice. I was planning to follow my mother into a pharmacy career. Life events changed my plans, but I have no regrets about the road not taken. In my 37 years in real estate, I’ve had my share of setbacks, but I’ve also had a wonderful journey.

Now, you have the opportunity to tell your story through an NAR program we’re calling "The Heart of the Market." We chose that name because we believe that you truly are the heart of your community and your real estate market.

At, you’ll be able to share in your own words why you love being a member of NAR and how it has made a difference to you, your clients, and your community. It may be that you value our strong voice in Washington, the REALTORS® Code of Ethics, or the exciting ways we’re harnessing technology on your behalf, such as with the new REALTORS Property Resource ™ (see page 14).

For my part, the real estate business has afforded me the flexibility to be involved in my children’s lives and has given me entrée into community service activities that were personally enriching.

Through my association involvement, I’ve made lifelong friends and discovered new business opportunities. And I’ve benefited, as both a business owner and a property owner, from the collective strength of our association.

Finally, I love that real estate offers something for every interest, making it a great place for families. Most of my family started out doing something else but have been drawn into some area of the business.

Storytelling is a powerful tool. As professional marketers, we know that every real estate company and every property we sell has a unique story.

We see every day—on talk shows, in best-selling memoirs, and even on reality television—how compelling such stories can be. And the process of writing down your personal story can help you define who you are and what you stand for as a real estate professional.

As a member of your NAR Leadership Team, I would be grateful for your participation. My presidential theme this year is "On the Rise" because I want NAR to do all it can to lift your market and your career. By telling us your story, you’ll help us better understand what you need and value from your association.

As a thank you, we’ll send you a beautiful heart-shaped pin that says, "I love being a REALTOR®."

Vicki L. Cox Golder

Vicki L. Cox Golder was 2010 president of the National Association of REALTORS®.