Reality Realty TV

Sign on the dotted line--and under the lights

June 1, 2000

It’s not The Sopranos, so the “practitioners” don’t carry violin cases. And the “contracts” are for houses, not squealers. But there’s no mistaking the excitement.

Home & Garden TV is taking House Hunters, the real-life homebuying TV show it debuted last year, into its second season and saving a spot under the klieg lights for you.

The show captures the emotional ups and downs of buyers as they make their rounds visiting houses for sale, checking for cracks in the siding and looking for water spots in the basement.

If the buyers are the heroes of every episode, the practitioners working with them are the coolheaded guides who help keep their enthusiastic but sometimes overwhelmed clients on the path to a good deal.

In one of last year’s episodes, Karen O’Connell, a salesperson with RE/MAX Tri-City Realty, Glendale, Calif., helped her clients uncover the clues to the checkered history of one house. “It’s got wood floors, but look, you’ve got water damage here,” O’Connell said, giving the floor an expert once-over. She then added darkly, “It could be pet stains.”

Participation in House Hunters is now limited to practitioners in the Los Angeles area, where the show’s taped, but that may change as the show moves forward, says Julie Heimler, producer.

House Hunters airs nationally Thursday nights at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Home & Garden TV. Heimler can be reached at

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