News and Commentary

What’s Your FinQ?

The Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness will help you answer that question, so you can begin saving and meeting your financial goals.

7 Ways to Benefit From Your Competition

Study your competition to identify untapped or underserved areas of your market that are perfect for your brand.

How Agent Deaths Spawned REALTOR® Action

Tragedy can turn into opportunity to influence safer work practices. Here’s how REALTORS® responded to four high-profile agent slayings.

Not Your Grandparents’ Retirement Home

A burgeoning demographic. A sea of choices. How to help aging baby boomers find the housing that fits the next chapter of their life.

What's Your Market's Median Home Price?

Zoom in to your metropolitan statistical area to get the latest quarterly median home price for your market, and its percentage change from the previous quarter.