2015 CRM Solutions: What's Available

From basic products to full real estate suites, take a look at these options and see what you get for your money.

August 25, 2015

Any computer operating system can give you an idea of what the most basic CRM systems do. Apple Address Book in OS X, iCloud Contacts on iPhones, Google Contacts, and Microsoft Windows all are basic record-keeping systems for organizing client names and contact

information, and you can export or share such info with calendar applications and other programs.

But it’s pretty likely you’ll want a CRM solution with a bit more capability that can be tailored to your business needs. There are plenty of options that won’t break the bank. Check out these cloud-based CRM solutions that all cost under $100 a month. (Prices are based on entry-level versions of each product.)




Product Price Description
RealtyJuggler $99 per year RealtyJuggler provides tools for organizing and managing day-to-day responsibilities. Imports records from popular contact managers, Web forms, MLS, and lead services. Users can create and assign tasks based on type of client with automatic reminders. Supports bulk e-mailing and drip marketing campaigns.
Wise Agent CRM $24.95 per month CRM is the core component of this suite of real estate business management tools. Contact information available throughout system for use in marketing campaigns, planning activities, and transaction management. Also supports unlimited storage of documents linked to contact records and transactions.
SalesForce.com $25 per month This popular CRM solution includes tools for account and contact records, lead management, task and event planning and tracking, and standard and customizable reports. Professional and enterprise upgrades offer additional functionality.
Contactually $29 per month Generic solution for building and maintaining relationships with clients. Integrates with calendar and contact manager systems. Includes templates for correspondence and tools for targeting specific groups of clients in your contact database. Advanced services add social network integration, bulk messaging and e-mail, and workflow scheduling.
IXact Contact $34.95 per month CRM solution targeting the special requirements of real estate. Includes tools for organizing clients and listings, along with integrated calendar for scheduling and monitoring activities related to each. Plus, marketing templates, standard reports, drip marketing campaigns, and customizable e-newsletter for distribution to clients and prospects.
Realvolve CRM Professional $37 per month A real estate solution for managing leads, clients, and listings, with integrated calendar and task planning and tracking system. Records include notes, correspondence history, planned activities, and documents. Supports photo albums and document portfolio for listings. Also includes tools for posting to social media, e-mail and text messaging, and calculating net commission for a transaction. Team version also available.
Top Producer CRM $39.95 per month Provides tools for capturing lead information, organizing records, then running activity plans based on relationship. Alerts users on incoming leads and provides contact info. Includes more than 100 automated action plans and branded monthly newsletter. Optional upgrades with special bundle pricing available.
REThink Residential $59 per month plus setup fee A CRM solution for organizing client information, assigning and implementing workflows based on interests, and activity analysis. Creates records of client information and history of relationships, including transactions. Once buyer requirements are defined, this CRM will automatically search, match, and map listings based on their preferences. Broker/team and commercial versions available.
PropertyBase Real Estate CRM $69 per month per user A suite of tools for managing real estate leads and maintaining relationships with clients, powered by the SalesForce.com platform. Organize client records by type, then launch preset or customized activity plans. Agent version captures leads from Zillow, integrates with local MLS, and provides templates for promoting listings. Commercial and enterprise editions also available.
Market Leader Professional Inquire online for pricing This real estate marketing platform with CRM functions includes website building tools with search widgets and lead capture forms, contact management database with CRM functions. customizable templates of marketing materials, MLS integration, and mobile access.