5 Ways to Impress

If you’re looking to do something different with your marketing this year, here are five tools for wooing clients that you probably never thought of.

January 13, 2014

That House Has Your Name Written All Over It

Four words: House. Shaped. Business. Cards. CallingCube is reinventing the traditional business card with 3-D printing to create a marketing tool that none of your potential clients have ever seen. Now, these aren’t exactly


slip-in-your-pocket business cards, but imagine little houses sitting out on the dining room table during an open house with your name and number on the side. Adorable and memorable! If the looky-loos bring their kids, they’ll take two or three. Printing 150 of these bad boys will cost you $600, but who else do you know is giving out mini house cards? I mean, come on, they’re so cute that I want to eat them. www.callingcube.com

Moove Over Boring Cards


If you’d rather go the more traditional business card route but still want to have a little fun, Moo.com offers great options for custom designs along with various shapes, sizes, and paper quality. They offer 25 predesigned business cards that are real estate–specific. Or you can upload your own files and design the card yourself. Also try their mini business cards — a small way to make a big impression. Double-sided business cards start at $19.99 for 50. us.moo.com (They also have stickers that say “dream house,” “I like this house,” and “sold.”)


Help Clients Find Their Way


Can a $5 map sell a $500,000 house? You bet, if you give that map to the right client. Maps.com offers extremely useful promotional pieces, such as fully customized maps of your market or region. You can specify as much or as little detail as necessary to help your would-be house hunters. Think local school district boundaries, points of interest, photographs, or even QR codes that link to videos or your website. The maps come in an array of colors to which you can add your corporate branding, logo, contact info, a business card, label, and stamp. You can also add on a digital version of your custom map for your website. Packages start at $450. www.maps.com


A few examples:

  • Saunders Realty focuses on the high-end market in the Hamptons area of New York, selling summer properties. Its map highlights beaches and marinas, golf courses, and local amenities such as post offices.
  • Horseshoe Bay Homes Realty in Texas uses its maps to sell to golfers by including each of dozens of local golf courses.
  • Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate in Sonoma, Calif., includes locations of major wineries coupled with appropriate imagery to promote its local area to buyers.

How Does Your Garden (and Business) Grow?


The holidays are over, but this is a creative option you can add to your 2014 business plan — ornaments made out of seed paper. This green promotional tool from Botanical PaperWorks can be hung from a tree, added to a gift, and customized with your own greeting and logo. Your clients can later plant the seed paper in a pot of soil or in their spring garden. The plantable paper contains a variety of wildflowers such as black eyed Susan, sweet alyssum, snapdragon, and more. Double-sided ornaments start at $1.74 each. Botanical PaperWorks offers other seed paper promotional products, such as die-cut paper (think house-shaped handouts) and “seed bomb” promotional gifts, which are small balls stuffed with seeds — you can even choose custom colors. www.botanicalpaperworks.com


What Does the Brand Say?


Branding yourself, your team, or your brokerage is important for becoming recognizable in your market as well as communicating your business specialty or message. Have a logo created for your real estate business by a professional designer — starting at $5. How is this possible? Fiverr.com. This site can best be described as a networking site to connect with designers, videographers, editors, writers, translators, musicians, and nearly anything else you can dream of for your business. Designer hi5_fiver, for example, will design you a logo for $5, provide a high-resolution file in six formats for $20, supply the original Illustrator or Photoshop file for $20, and will design a Facebook timeline banner with said logo for $10. He’s just one of thousands of vendors advertising services you can outsource. fiverr.com*Thoroughly vet each vendor before you enter into a transaction, because they are all independent contractors.